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E-Scope 7700 Clinical Model Amplified Stethoscope

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Features and Benefits:

Slim-line design. The E-Scope is a slim-line design that easily wraps around the neck when not in use. It is lighter than an acoustic stethoscope.

Finger-tip Control. All the controls for volume and heart sound or breath sound filters are on the head of the stethoscope making it easy for the user to set the volume or filter.

Volume control. On the stethoscope head, there is a + and – symbol that allows the user to increase or decrease the sound level easily.

Filter control. A frequency switch for heart sounds (45-900 Hz) and breath sound (50-2000 Hz). This allows the listener to hear sounds clearly within their frequency range.

Automatic shut off. The E-Scope shuts off automatically after two minutes.

Automatic volume restart. The E-Scope remembers the last volume setting so that when it is turned on, the volume will be set to the previous volume.

Off-the-Shelf Battery. The E-Scope uses a standard off-the-shelf AAA battery that operates the E-Scope for 4-5 months assuming usage at 30 times per day, 6 days per week. Replacement batteries are available at any supermarket or drug store.

Extra ear tips. The E-Scope is supplied with two additional types of ear tips so the user can select the most comfortable – soft rubber, hard plastic or mushroom type.

Ability to change heads. Most electronic stethoscopes have a fixed diaphragm with an electronic switch to change to a bell. Most physicians, however, prefer a physical bell as is found on an standard acoustic stethoscope. A real bell allows the physician to listen to lower frequencies in a manner in which he/she is most accustomed. A bell is used to listen to the lower frequencies and has no diaphragm touching the skin. By pressing the bell on the skin, it can be stretched forming a natural diaphragm.

Selection of diaphragms and bells. Every E-Scope model is supplied with a Specialist Adult Diaphragm (shown below) as well as a pediatric diaphragm and three sizes of bells – adult, pediatric and infant. The performance of the Specialist Adult Diaphragm has a 3 dB (or 40%) higher output than the standard Diaphragm over the 20 to 200 Hz frequency range.

Specialist Adult Bell. Cardionics supplies an optional Specialist Adult Bell machined from high-grade stainless steel bell.

Less amplification of room noise. The design of the E-Scope significantly reduces the amplification of unwanted outside room noise when used in the heart sound setting. When used in the lung sound setting, there is a little more noise introduced due to the wider frequency band.

Maximum Amplitude. The maximum amplitude or sound pressure level output without distortion is 120 dB at 100 Hz. This is about 30 times louder than an acoustic stethoscope.

Operator’s Manual and Instructional CD-ROM. A complete Operator’s Manual as well as an informal instructional CD-ROM is included with each E-Scope.

E-Scope uses. General clinical medicine, medical professionals who wear hearing aids, paramedics for ambulance use, isolation wards and Hazmat areas and cervical auscultation (speech pathology).

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