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Interact-AS Speech to Text, Text to Speech Translation Software - Consumer Edition

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Interact-AS(TM) is speech recognition software for your PC laptop, netbook or tablet that can allow deaf and hard of hearing individuals to directly communicate with people who do not know sign language. The person who is hard of hearing can read a transcript of what's being said, while someone with difficulty writing or typing can dictate memos or generate text for documents and emails.

The Interact-AS Consumer Edition is a scaled down version of Interact-AS ideal for communicating with a few people. It features:
  • Microsoft's speech recognition and voice synthesis engines
  • Support for speech, typing and handwriting input
  • Instant closed captioning of conversations that can be saved
  • Complete suite of Visualize Tools including built-in sketch pad
  • Auto translate feature

Interact-AS(TM) can remove multiple communication barriers. Compare Interact-AS versions.

  • Individuals who are deaf can directly communicate with people who do not know sign language
  • A person who is hard of hearing can instantly see a closed-caption transcript of what's being said in conversations, a conference room discussion, a radio broadcast, or a video program
  • People who have difficulty writing or typing but have verbal skills can use their voice to dictate memos, answer test questions, or generate text for documents and emails
  • Interact-AS gives a voice back to individuals who have lost the ability to speak by voicing aloud whatever a person types or writes


  • Supports written, typed and spoken input
  • Spoken words are instantly transcribed and displayed
  • Transcript includes an optional synchronized audio recording
  • Written or typed words are instantly spoken aloud so a non-verbal person can participate in classroom discussions
  • Use the Visualize feature to sketch ideas or make notes on pictures

Load Interact-AS onto your PC laptop, netbook or tablet and you are ready to go. Interact-AS makes it simple to communicate—whatever you type or write is spoken out loud. Plus, using an external or built-in computer microphone, speech can be translated into text that is displayed on your screen, so you no longer need to rely on pen and paper. Take Interact-AS wherever you go: to work or school, stores, restaurants and more for easier communication anywhere, anytime, with anyone.



Advanced Features

  • Visualize is just one of Interact-AS's many features. Use the visualize tab to show pictures, video clips or maps. Use the sketch pad where you can draw and discuss ideas.
  • Select the gender of the voice output you want to use
  • Save a transcript of the conversation for later reference
  • Add your own unique terms to the system

Cost Benefits
Interact-AS will quickly pay for itself. Organizations can reduce costs by allowing interpreters and translators to focus on situations where their expertise is truly needed.

The Interact-AS Consumer Edition software provides you with a maximum of 3 user profiles for purchase by individuals only.

Interact-AS also comes with a full year of unlimited customer support and upgrades.

Note: This software is a non-returnable item, however if you want to purchase a 30-day trial software, the cost is $99.00 (call for details).

Recommended Accessories
Interact-AS includes a headset microphone. Interact-AS will work with your computer's built-in microphone, however for optimal performance it is recommended that you purchase an external microphone or digital/FM system. Please contact us for more information on complete system solutions.

PC System Requirements
Interact-AS runs on PC laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs that have at least 1GB or more of RAM, 1.8GHz or faster processor (Intel i5 or faster CPU is recommended), 500K of available disk space, and are using Microsoft Vista or newer operating system. For most computers, you will also need an external microphone, or for classroom settings, a wireless FM microphone.

Introduction to Using Interact-AS video

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