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LAN MyTTY TTY TDD Software for LAN Systems (4 Seats)

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Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

  • CD-ROM drive 16x

  • 32 MB memory and 100 MB hard disk space

  • TAPI-compliant voice modem.

Suggested Modems: Any good quality TAPI-compliant voice modem will work.

  • MultiTech MultiModem Model MT Series PCI (all models that start with ‘MT’)

  • Creative Labs Model DI Series (modem models that start with ‘DI’)

  • Jaton USB Communicator V.92 (all external USB modems as well as all internal modems)

  • Zoom ⁄ Modem V.92 USB Mini External, model: 3095



  • Alerts to incoming calls
  • Audio signals (e.g., ringing, busy) are displayed
  • Answering machine
  • Caller ID
  • Telephone book
  • Audio messages for voice callers
  • Disconnect detection
  • Automatic relay dialing
  • Save conversation
  • Copy and paste text
  • Printer support
  • Automatic line noise suppression
  • Online help documents
  • "Ungarble" capabilities
  • Customize font, color, size of letters, and background

LAN-myTTY is a version of myTTY that loads on a server and allows any computer connected through the local area network (LAN) to send and receive TTY calls. The cost depends on the number of stations and telephone lines that are connected. This system can work hard-wired or wireless. 

The typical office has a telephone system and a LAN that links various work stations. LAN-myTTY provides a link between the telephone system and the LAN. It allows any workstation to make, receive, and transfer a TTY call on any of your telephone lines. 

If you have a digital telephone system, you need to have it set to provide an analog port to each line, something that a telephone technician can do easily on most systems. 

Once you purchase a system, you are provided with TTY server software, which is basically installed in an ordinary desktop computer configured with multiple voice modems and the LAN-myTTY software. You install client myTTY software on each workstation. There is no limit to the number of telephone lines and workstations the system can handle. 

The cost of the system is based on the number of "seats" and telephone lines. A "seat" is an active connection to the LAN-myTTY system. You can put the client myTTY software on any number of work stations, but the number of workstations that can use the system at any one time depends on how many "seats" you bought for your system. 

Note: This system INCLUDES 4 "seats". (Call us for pricing if you need more seats)

For example, if you have 50 workstations, and your purchased a LAN-myTTY system with 10 seats, then 10 workstations can make or receive TTY calls. If an 11th workstation tries to make a call, it will be told that all of the seats are filled.
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