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iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Dual Alarm Clock

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If you have trouble hearing your alarm in the morning, take advantage of this unique dual alarm clock with a detachable bed shaker. The shaker fits comfortably under your pillow and vibrates to wake you every time. You'll never miss another appointment, class or meeting again.


Don't miss another wake-up alarm. Take advantage of the iLuv TimeShaker's unique dual alarm clock dock with detachable oval bed shaker. The bed shaker fits easily under your pillow to wake you every time.

The TimeShaker has a dual alarm function, allowing you to set two separate alarm times. Set one for weekdays and the other for the weekend. Or, set one for yourself and another for your partner. Each alarm can be set to a different alarm option, whether its the audible alarm, FM radio or music from your iPhone or iPod.

Fitted with a Lightning pin connector, the TimeShaker alarm lets you conveniently charge and play your Lightning pin iPhone and iPod. Listen to your favorite songs before bed while your phone charges as you sleep. You can even wake up to music from your mobile device.

The TimeShaker boasts a large LCD display that's comfortable to read even from a distance. A 10-level dimmer function allows you to adjust the display brightness. Keep it bright during the day and lower it in the evening so it doesn't disturb your sleep.



  • Slim, lightweight bed shaker placed under your pillow vibrates to wake heavy sleepers
  • Dual alarms option
  • Multiple alarm options, including iPhone/iPod music, FM radio, audible alarm and/or bed shaker
  • Unique rounded bed shaker vibrates to wake up heavy sleepers, people with hearing loss or anyone who shares a room
  • Play music and charge your device via the TimeShaker's Apple Lightning connector
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display with 10-level dimmer
  • TimeSync button allows you to automatically sync the time from your iPhone or iPod
  • 12/24 hour display format
  • Snooze in 10 minute increments
  • Sleep function up to 120 minutes
  • FM radio with 10 presets
  • Auxiliary input for direct connection to other devices
  • Battery backup preserves time and alarm settings (2 AAA batteries not included)
  • Compatible with Apple® iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod 5th generation, iPod nano 7th generation with lightning pin (lightning pin adapter available through Apple stores)
  • Owners of iPhone models before iPhone 5 - see the iLuv VibroBlue alarm clock)


  • iLuv TimeShaker alarm clock with built-in speakers
  • Bed shaker 9V 1.5 Amp (3" x 2", 5'11" cord)
  • AC adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card
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