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Trellie Bluetooth Cell Phone Flashing Ring Signaler

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The Trellie Bluetooth Cell Phone Flashing Ring Signaler is an ultra-simple handbag accessory that notifies you of incoming or missed calls through bright flashing LED lights. No more fumbling through your handbag because you thought you heard a ring. Just glance over at Trellie and you'll know for certain. Choose the Trellie in silver or gold.
Trellie has designed a patent-pending, ultra-simple cell phone signaling accessory that can be attached to your handbag. Trellie visually notifies you of an incoming call on your mobile phone with blue and white flashing LED lights. Miss a call and Trellie switches to a slower intermittent blue flash. This will continue until you place or receive a new call, you manually stop it by pressing the Trellie button on the device or after one hour has elapsed.


The Trellie Bluetooth Cell Phone Signaler runs on 2 AAA batteries and works with any Bluetooth cell phone. Trellie only needs to be paired once to your phone, then will detect your mobile phone's presence automatically from then on when within range (approx. 10ft).



  • Works with Bluetooth cell phones including Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry
  • Enters sleep mode to conserve batteries when out of range for an extended period of time; wakes up from sleep mode when it detects movement
  • Can be manually turned off
  • Supports Bluetooth v2.1+EDR
  • Connect and idle time: up to 45 days (in active connect mode 40%)
  • Standby time: up to 500 days (in sleep mode 100%)
  • Wireless working range between cell phone and Trellie approximately 10 feet
  • Dimensions: 1.12" W x 2.76" H x 0.91" D
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)


  • Trellie
  • Ball chain
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User manual


"Trellie is the answer to the missed call. If you are like me and have a handbag filled to the brim with coupons, snacks, wipes, keys, a wallet and smartphone, then you know that finding your phone before the call goes to voicemail is next to impossible."
Cassie Slane, Huffington Post Technology & Consumer Products Expert


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